An undaunted female health worker looks administered anti-polio drops

Lahore, Pakistan: Polio cases continue to benefit from a female polio workers persevered against the crippling disease in the country, the last station bulwark.

Adina Oruc Baghbanpura in Lahore attacks committed in the Lady doctor UC-44 Garh, a bike on a door-to-door campaigning and children to achieve optimal vaccination coverage.

Because of Bannu district of the forerunners of American and two more polio cases have been confirmed in the capital of Balochistan, the total number of cases of polio in 47 years in 2019, Pakistan has adopted a walk.

According to the information, the Afghan national born with a family of 4-year-old boy in Quetta confirmed infected with the insurgents, but a 10-month Mugheesa, poliovirus was confirmed with. "These boys were born after the family of four girls," sources told News.

While speaking with the message "Given the increase of polio cases in Pakistan in the last, it is our national duty to save the crippling disease of our future generation, to reach every child against polio," Adina Tummy one as before, especially women and women Polio Among the employees is a bike? Door-to-door campaigns and bold initiative. "The formation of new cases this year in Lahore Polio is an important issue for workers and health authorities," he added.

LHW is not welcomed by the workers of polio. "Sometimes they shouted for us to come again and again. I know this is not just a function call, and polio workers in the national cause, and can achieve a polio-free Pakistan understand the pivotal role, and is known to work on the bike," one 25-year-old Adina, said: polio campaign.

He swore, and remembers an incident from the local elders for help. Parents in the region against teams knocking at the door again and again. "We have suffered a lot and the region may be a part of this work, but we know that," he said.

Beebe, Baghbanpura three-year-old daughter and her mother, happiness, campaign days, Adina ensure children receive polio drops.

"It is unusual for a woman under supervision, but she always demonstrates the commitment of the employees," Adina polio vaccine after her daughter's date, adding that he remembered this reporter.

Adina Oruc, but they are not worthy contribution of polio paralysis to identify because of the workers recognized that they will not regret. "Theoretical response and speech provision requires effort," he LHWs five-day campaign only added to Rs2,300. "Region polio workers is not easy. However, I know that there is no better way to do all the hard work," he says.

Could not get polio drops of the previous campaign, pledging to a child under five years of age, following a three-day anti-polio campaign in the Punjab region, with a special emphasis on the 29th day.

Pakistan Punjab, eight (08) cases, and June 12, 2018 as compared to 2017, with no cases of polio and the year 2019 has already been able to walk 47 polio cases in Pakistan has the unexpected benefit.

The total of 47 polio cases in Pakistan, a total of 28 cases, the forerunners of Punjab, KP and tribal areas of the eight cases, five cases confirmed in Sindh and Baluchistan.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and many as 18 insurgents, Torgarh from 05 to 02 Lakki Marwat, and the 01 DI Khan, north and Shangla confirmed. KPTD (Freedom areas), as well as many as 06 points in North Waziristan and Bajaur Agency and Khyber Agency, 01 for each certified. In Punjab 04 cases confirmed from Lahore and 01 from the Jhelum. Sync In 02 cases confirmed to Karachi from Larkana 01. In Balochistan, a polio case in every Kilä Abdullah Jaffarabad American and verified. Around the world, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the two countries with polio.

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