Birthdays against the wilderness of the Wild: India to join Bear Grylls

New Delhi: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi British TV adventurer Bear Grylls wilderness to end up with India intends to raise the awareness of environmental protection, said the show's host.

India has a huge population of wild spaces, more emphasis on the struggle for the protection of the environment and nature.

"180 people throughout the country, the Indian desert, the enterprises of animal care and environmental protection, and for information about the replacement of PM @narendramodi unknown aspects can be seen live on", Grylls, Discovery Channel show, "Wilde Man" star, Twitter said.

Modi, 68, Grylls trailer on the program guide in the north of India, Jim Corbett National Park, driving distance running show with pictures of animals, deer, elephants, and tigers.

"India is an important one, and it will keep you in my work," Grylls Birthdays.

Birthdays, naturally, and Grylls program in India to familiarize the animals, he said.

In a statement, saying, "For years, natural, and I am surrounded by mountains and forests," said Modi, Discovery.

"This year is a lasting impression on my life. Therefore, I have a life outside of politics among the special nature of the program, I am interested to participate in it, and he said the same."

12 intelligence cyber-show, this year, the second general election is stirring excitement among fans of Modi, some of his own party.

"This is nonsense. PM Who knows how to do it," one Twitter user, Akash Jain said.

South of the red tropical north, extending the height of the snow-bound Himalayan India, is home to most of the world's remaining wild tigers.

The number of tigers in India in 2018, he rose to 2.967 until the third quarter of 2014 on Monday, Modi issued a new assessment.

walking thousands of kilometers of forest, more than 3.8 million square kilometers (1.5 million square kilometers), and a survey in 2018 and 2019, approximately 26,000 locations with cameras hundred.

"India strives to be done to further the protection and care of the animals from the report," Rayas said.

In recent years, under the threat of extinction, including leopards, wild animals living in the same community and reduce the appearance of frequent conflicts.

Last week, the North Indian villagers after it mauled a man to death with a stick and beat a tiger, media reported.

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