Fear of attack to ensure the security of the presidential election in Afghanistan

Kabul: Afghanistan's next president Candidates campaign promised to be the first official day of bloody violence cast a shadow on the Monday after the current Ghani and lashed out.

At least 20 people - most of them civilians - were killed and 50 others Sunday, a suicide bomber attack and the gunmen was wounded in Kabul Ghani partner of the target, Amrullah Saleh.

Afghanistan's security situation as a result of violence, unfortunately, serve as a warning to previous polls around Mayhem and murder.

"The government did not listen to the security of the candidates," Qadir Shah, Hanif Atmar, the representative of the elections held on September 28, one of the candidates seeking to stop for a second term, Ghani said.

Shah, he and 12 other candidates, mainly due to security concerns in their activities for the implementation of the plan is delayed, as well as to use their official position for an unfair advantage, they saw Ghani said.

Mohammad Hakim Torsan, is considered a long-shot candidate, and his supporters rounded up after the attacks, many worry recur type of violence, in violation of the previous polls.

"Most of the candidates, but they are still concerned about the safety campaign. The government, we must ensure the safety of all the people", Torsan.

Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior to provide security forces with armored vehicles, including eight months of preparation and adopted measures to protect the "serious" candidates.

No group has claimed responsibility for Sunday's attack.

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Saleh, escaped without serious injury, the former head of the Afghan intelligence service and the Taliban, and openly criticized.

Some of the Taliban, Afghan stakeholders, with a vague promise to reduce civilian killed this month. Security officials seized from militants attacked a group of ordinary Afghans killed himself.

Taliban spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.

In 2001, the presidential election in Afghanistan since the US-led invasion that ousted fourth to a rocky start.

US leads us to conclude a peace treaty with the Taliban, as well as the voters in 2014, following allegations of widespread fraud have little faith in the system, and this year the survey was delayed twice.

Atmar Ghani, a former national security guards, and the 12 other candidates in the international community will help identify it, "pure", even if the warning, he would not.

Negotiations are underway as well as the US and the Taliban in Afghanistan, there is the question of whether or not to conduct a survey of all the lingering election, there is unlikely to be.

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