Imam-ul-Haq, a number of online scandals involving women asked forgiveness for the PDA

Lahore: "fraud" and accused him of working with a number of online scandals involving women in Pakistan batsman Imam-ul-Haq, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said he was sorry for.

The opening batsman landing in hot water last week for allegedly misleading them a few women in management and his offensive caught the alleged negotiations Whatsapp and Instagram screenshots.

The first PCB This is a personal issue, terming, has refused to comment on the conflict.

However, speaking to journalists on Monday, PCB, Managing Director Wasim Khan, Imam sorry for what happened, "and asks for forgiveness," he said.

Error "Imam he was remorseful and has admitted and apologized for what had happened. He was out of hand because of the understanding of the issue, said:" MMR MD Wasim Khan said.

"However, this is a personal and private matter, not with words, but our players expect to live according to high standards of ethics and discipline of the CPC," the official said.

He is an "ambassador of Pakistan," Pakistan Cricket batsman and he received a serious warning about the issue, and oral Department.

"We have to respond to the player's personal affairs, but we have centralized responsibility of Pakistan cricket player in Pakistan, and hope that the PCB", MD.

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