Iran to release the ship out of the dark ": Britain

If Britain is "night" must comply with the international rules and the Persian Gulf with the actions of his security services to release the detained British-flagged oil tanker Iran said on Monday.

On July 19, the head of the British army, Iran, Syria, Iran accused of violating Gibraltar Hormuz oil tanker and two weeks later the same day, the water is important for the delivery of oil and oil products in the world, close to the Strait of Stena Impero.

"The Iranians are dark, and the international community need to follow the rules of the system, intended to be accepted as a responsible member of the community," Foreign Minister Dominique Raab Sky News reported.

"You can not arrest an illegal foreign vessels."

Tehran, the United States and Iran and the world powers for the protection of the fallout from the nuclear agreement between the US and the UK and the EU imposed by the authorities saw as a failure to restore order are against.

According to the 2015 agreement, Iran and international measures have been taken to stop Tehran's nuclear program in exchange.

Before last week, the British government did not have the resources to do such a policy announced on Thursday after the aircraft, along with the UK-flagged vessels through the Strait of Hormuz, a change began to separate.

The Ministry of Defense of the second ship, HMS Duncan, HMS Grand Entrance, the British-flagged ships to pass through the Strait came to support the Persian Gulf, on Sunday.

Raab Stena Impero to warn off the jury during the withdrawal of the British military personnel as elite Iranian military announced on Monday.

issued by the semi-official news agency ANUARBEKKIZI superimposed on video, audio recording, the market acted helicopters onto the deck of abseiling and detained staff.

English-language Press TV, Iran's state news agency, Montrose defined as the exchange of the British military.

"This is required not to interfere in the issues of" jury, "the military spokesman said.

"This is a British ship is two or three or six. I foxtrot transit passage" British pressure responses about my voice with a merchant vessel and did not close the Strait of internationally recognized.

"Danger to life, is wrong," Guard military spokesman said.

NOT any "exchange"
On Monday, in another interview, with BBC Radio, the BBC reported that the ships are not related to the two seizures. Suba

1 "Grace is heading to Syria in breach of the sanctions and the oil and clog the mind," he said to the British ship seized by Iran, hh

"We have no good way had the right to arrest him. Stena Impero illegally detained. This is not any barter. It's the rules of the international law and the international legal system is in force, and we will require."

Iranian retaliation for Grace 1 did Stena Impero said.

Raab is recommended to protect the Strait of Hormuz shipping British and European women hope for the support of tactical US military said. He was seen headed toward the countries, but US support for the "capable and effective", it would be important to have the initiative.

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