Ratcliffe was my position as head of the CIA Heroes

Israeli President Donald Trump and his position as head of the CIA, according to Dan Coats, John Ratcliffe, a recent congressional hearing on Sunday that it protects the Texas Republican said.

Animals, Russia, Iran and North Korea over the price with Trump on collision with the current US National Intelligence Director will leave Anatolyevich, 15, the president said as he announced the decision on Twitter.

"John, and he will boost the country's dignity," Trump "for his service to our country", expressed his gratitude to the heroes and to be known as the acting executive director of short and precise.

Follow created after September 11, the director of the National Intelligence Service, in 2001, the Central Intelligence Agency in the United States, including 17 US civilian and military intelligence agencies and control.

Ratcliffe, House of Representatives intelligence and judiciary committees of justice, a member of the 2016 presidential election and a possible obstacle to Russian interference in its two-year investigation on the testimony of former lawyer Robert Mueller on Wednesday defended Trump.

Ratcliffe, Trump's justice may be a lot of discussion of the report in his power to prevent a very special purpose Trump has committed a crime or not, a conclusion after making the decision, the prose, not censured.

Congressman Trump agreed that it is not above the law, but the president must be a "low", he said.

Heath, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, a former US prosecutor and mayor, Ratcliffe as well as ex-Attorney General John Ashcroft, Missouri, conservative law by the summer.

Ratcliffe in 2015, and some Republican leaders in Congress Trump last year after the ouster of the Congress in that role that Jeff had pushed for the US Attorney General.

Congressman proposed criminal case against him, not for the personal e-mail, police and former FBI Director James 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's use of a Congressional investigation of the decision to Comey.

Congressional control over the intelligence community sources familiar with the events in recent history, they would qualify Ratcliffe instead of any special DNI was not familiar with the history of the works, he said.

Ratcliffe only six months, along with its counterpart in the US Senate, the US intelligence services, responsible for serving on the House Standing Committee on Intelligence.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Democrat, criticized the choice, trump, "Rep. Ratcliffe said it is clear ... Mueller's demagogic president of the Trump blind loyalty, because they have been selected.

"Senate Republicans intelligence expert and non-partisanship, which required a supporter of such a player is high, then it would be a big mistake," Schumer said in a statement.

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